• Who We Are

  • Appreciation Digital Media was founded on the thought that small to medium-sized businesses need to be able to compete with the large brands. We are a hard-working team of professionals committed to helping local businesses succeed. We firmly believe that it is you, the business owner, the entrepreneurs, the mom and pops that drive innovation and our country forward. After all, when we succeed, you succeed, too!

  • How We Help

  • We empower your business with the latest sales and marketing technologies available. We utilize platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, WordPress, social media and other tools to gain the necessary exposure that allows your business to be successful. We have the experience to take you from start to a winning finish. We built our first web site in 1998. We have been marketing and selling professionally since 1994. We have proven that we can capitalize on the technology that's available now and come in the near future. We've seen our team open the floodgates for our clients and take them from not being found to being a major competitor in their industries.

    We have found that many small successful businesses can expand but are unable to because the owner or staff is too busy running the day to day tasks. When they focus on the marketing the day to day needs fall behind. Our niche is right in the middle of that. Our services allow the business to scale somewhat effortlessly by doing what they are already successful at doing. The companies that achieve the most success are the ones that are consistently up-to-date with these new tools. We make it easier to acquire customers.

    After all, are not customers the primary driving force behind a business’s growth? With that particular principle in mind, we will do our utmost best to make sure that whatever tools that are available at our disposal will be maximized in order to revolutionize the way your business is run. We are veterans in the field of digital technology, riding the wave since the early dot-com days, roughing out the troughs and valleys and emerging stronger and wiser than ever. Such invaluable experience strengthens our position when it comes to transforming a budding business with an obscure online presence into a major force to be reckoned with.

  • Why Work With Us

  • We understand we only succeed when you do. Our goal is to market your business so that the people needing your services find and choose you. Your company's online presence will likely factor in when people decide whether or not to become a customer. It also conveys a sense of trust and what they can expect from dealing with you and your team. We understand this and take advantage of every opportunity to make sure you are putting out your best impression. We take the risk out of the situation. All our work is guaranteed. Give us two months, and if you do not see a dramatic increase in your Google ranking, we will refund your money.

    We understand that we cannot be experts in all fields, but this does not deter us from being one of the very best at what we do: that is, to uplift our client’s digital presence on the Internet that will act as a primary driver for growth and expansion in the business. This is the reason why we work as closely with our clients as possible, in order to find out and learn everything that we can about your business before coming up with a tailor-made program that will hopefully see an explosion in growth. After all, while there is never a second chance to make a first impression, there are always another opportunity to go ahead and elevate your business to the next level with us.